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mawadoo connects customers and suppliers from 29 countries - a boundless shopping pleasure!

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  • Finland
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  • Greece
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  • Ireland
  • Italy
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mawadoo provides you as a customer the possibility of simultaneously searching and buying products from our suppliers from 29 countries. The world is growing together - also digitally. For you as a customer, it makes no difference what country your goods are coming from, because mawadoo acts as a direct contractual partner between you and the supplier for every purchase.
And what advantage do you have as a customer? Security for your online shopping!
For the security of our customers, the sale is processed exclusively through mawadoo! As a customer your international order bears no risk. mawadoo cares about the payment, order processing and, if necessary (in case of unexpected problems) resolving issues and offering quick and satisfactory solutions.

How does shopping at mawadoo work?

For security reasons only registered users with an activated account can buy on mawadoo. To ensure that your user account and your sensitive data is protected against foreign access at all times, mawadoo uses a 2-Factor Authentication. Therefore, while registering, a mobile phone number from your country of residence is required, to which we send an activation code. In the next step you will receive an email with an activation link from us. Once you have accessed this link, you are ready to start.
mawadoo helps you search for your desired product with numerous possibilities. For example, use the interactive central search field on the top of the website. Enter keywords and get context-sensitive proposals. In the Search-Results Page, you can focus by adding multiple filters to narrow your search results and to find your desired product.
Found the perfect product? Put it in the cart! Now you may like to further browse our products or go directly to the checkout. The order overview shows you which products you want to order, which shipping charges apply and whether any additional customs charges might apply, if the goods were to be shipped from abroad.
4) PAY
Depending on your country, we can offer different payment methods. Additional service fees night apply depending on the payment method .
Once your payment has been registered in our account, we will contact our suppliers and order the goods for you. Depending on supplier and country of origin, the delivery time may be longer or shorter. Usually the supplier provides a delivery code which allows you to track the location of your order around the clock.
Your order has been received? Everything is to your satisfaction? Very good!
In this case we would like to ask you to mark your order as "received and satisfied" on the mawadoo-website, so that our customer service can be reassured and doesn't need to worry about the whereabouts of your order. And if you want to express your joy even more, you may also like reviewing and writing a brief comment about the products. This will help other customers and us! mawadoo appreciates your feedback!
Sorry! That shouldn't have happened! Something with your order is not as expected? You want to return the product?
No problem! If your ordered goods are damaged or defective, you can return them free of charge to the supplier. If you wish to return the goods for any other reason, you can do so within 14 days - in this case, you have to bear the cost of returning.


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